Motivation is a helluva depressant.

I haven’t been motivated to do any blogging recently. I have stayed fabulous and quirky, but I have not found the get-up-and-go required to pen down all my thoughts and the processes behind all the looks I put together. In my defense, I have no defense. I’m just going to be straight with it, I just didn’t want to. I didn’t see a point to it.

However, I read a nice little blurb today about something called a 2 year test. Close your eyes, set a timer for 2 minutes and imagine your life in 2 years if everything you dreamed, came true. Now in the few minutes you have, go into that fantasy guns blazing and explore it as much as you can – where would you go? Whom would you go with? What would you wear? What would you drive? What would you buy? What habits would you pick up? Which ones would you drop? How much would the overall quality of your life improve if all that you dreamed came to pass – exponentially or marginally?

Okay, 2 minutes are up. Your fantasy is over. Now reset the timer for another 2 minutes, and imagine what your life would be if you remained at status quo. If you kept doing exactly what you’re doing right now, without making any modifications to your lifestyle or pushing yourself any harder, what would your life look like in 2 years? I shuddered! THE HORROR. So, despite my exhaustion from a long day, I have written this blog post and will continue to write many more. If not for anything, for the fact that I need to completely mortify (or impress!) my future teenage kids and I intend to look fantastic doing it!


See you again soon. How does bi-weekly sound? Good. I like it too.


On Denim


I feel like there needs to be a song dedicated to the awesomeness of denim and whoever invented it – probably a black mother who was sick of doing the laundry (I seriously think so!) The song needs to be an R&B style song with so many runs, featuring Keith Sweat (whoooo can love you like denim, NOBOOOODY!) Jhene Aiko will do a cameo, Queen Latifah will rap, …guys, seriously, this needs to get done.

Before you tell me Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis invented denim, let me clarify – No they did not. They did invent jeans, a style of pants made with denim, but they did not invent denim. Denim comes from the term serge de nimes, meaning serge from nimes where the fabric originally comes from. Check out this article for some more knowledge, so you can boss your friends at trivia, you’re welcome.

That said, check your girl out in these pictures, serving face and sass, being all dope and what not. Yassss!

For real though, there really needs to be an ode to the inventor of denim. The fabric is so versatile, so eternally stylish and completely adaptable to any situation – like black women (hey soul sisters!) How many times have you wanted to look good effortlessly and did not reach for your favourite pair of jeans? How many times has said pair of jeans saved the day because you threw on a white tee shirt and called it a day? Man, I cannot tell you how much I love denim. I try to buy as many iterations of it as I can. Whenever I see something different made with denim, I’m drawn to it. Hence this fabulous jacket and pants ensemble. I knew I had to have them the minute I saw them and I get compliments (and some comments) every time I wear them. The compliments outnumber the backhanded comments though so heyyyyy! Your girl is winning still. So, what’s my point? My point is life is too short to wear boring jeans. Step your game up and come correct in these streets booboo! Thank me later.

Photo credit for these shots goes to Aminaz (@loveoverlenses) as always, her magic makes my magic twinkle uninhibited. Girl always got me looking like an album cover!


Happy Monday! Go forth and slay and if you can get away with wearing jeans to work, doooo ittttt!


On Headwraps and Blue Jeans

As a proper Igbo girl, I’ve always had a thing for a perfectly executed headwrap. Whether it’s a simple turban or a complicated double-decker style worn by a full-bosomed Igbo woman, the headwrap or ichafu as we call it, has always been a huge part of Igbo tradition. Any event that calls for dressing up, would see an array of very colourful, very intricate (and sometimes very precarious) ichafu perched on every woman’s head.

Growing up in Nigeria, I remember watching every Sunday morning in complete awe as my mom twisted any particular ichafu she had selected to match her outfit, into a complicated crown in a matter of minutes. Said crown/headgear/piece of art would sit atop her head and not flinch all through mass! Bear in mind that Catholic mass in Nigeria runs anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours depending on the service, and there was usually a lot of very vigorous dancing. I concluded then that my mother was (and still is) a magician. You can’t tell me otherwise.

Now, we all know I love me some fashion – clothes and shoes are my Prozac, purses meh, don’t care for them. Thing is, as fabulously fashiony as I am, you can always cash me ousside in a comfy tee and a well worn pair of jeans. Why? Because life is complicated (read: I’m lazy) and jeans make life a little easier okay? (read: I’m REALLY lazy) When I say jeans, I mean proper jeans by the way, not jeggings because those are just impostors, but I digress. Put a pin in that jeggings comment though, because I feel a rant brewing in me for much later.

So, I love jeans, love tees, and love me some nice ichafu, so imagine if you will my complete joy when putting together this outfit which combines all three things. Check me out stylin’ and wildin’ below:


Jeans: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger


Headwrap: My mom’s (obvs)


Flatforms, Tee, Coat (Sold out): Zara (TRF)


Awkward laugh sold separately. Kidding! I know I’m cute. 

Half my wardrobe is from Zara, so unless otherwise stated, just assume it’s Zara. Why? Well, most of their stuff fits me wonderfully. Emphasis on most, because not everything is great but at least they’re trying. See my post on shopping while petite to understand why this REALLY matters to me. Thank you Zara! (No, this is not an ad, Zara doesn’t advertise. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, now, you know. You’re welcome!)

All that said, shoutout to Aminaz K, my awesome photographer for these amazing shots! This is a shameless plug because she’s great, I LOVE her work and she can have ALL my money. Follow her on Instagram (@loveoverlenses). Heck, since you’re there already, follow me too! (@thenoellae)

Happy Monday, Happy Easter! Go forth, prosper and be as colourful as all the chocolate eggs we will all be gnawing on all week.



Moving along.

I had a battle with my wardrobe for the past three days, trying desperately to prove to it that despite the overwhelming presence of black in my closet, green is actually my favourite colour. I lost that battle on the second day but like the stubborn human I am, I persisted. I have graciously given up now (read: I got bored with wearing green and moved along to other things, like this adorable butter yellow midi tank dress below!


Shoes by Micheal Antonio


Dress by Zara


All the happiness and grinning is courtesy of the fact that I just rediscovered this dress. It had been buried in my closet for so long, I’d forgotten it existed, and the best part is it fits even better than it did when I bought it. Oh, happy day! *twirls*

Side Note: I got bored with my old theme as well and upgraded. I like this one much better.

My wardrobe is just rude – Day 3.

Hello again, if you’re just joining the party, welcome! I have a rude wardrobe, the details of which can be surmised here and here. I am on a mission to prove said wardrobe wrong.

So here we are, day three. It wasn’t looking good these past two days, but today I had a breakthrough! Check it out below:


Sandals by ALDO


Pants by Zara


Top by H&M (Super smug face sold separately)

HA! I do have a green item in my closet that is not an accessory, and I didn’t even wear one black thing in this entire outfit. In your face wardrobe! Victory will be mine.

Side Note: This is by far the most comfortable outfit in the series so far, bohemian chic is the absolute best. xx



H M sleeveless shirt
$13 –

High heel shoes

Zara bag

Jeremy scott