On Wonderful Tailoring

Update: The pants are sold out at Nordstrom (sad face!) BUT, I did some sleuthing for the ladies who asked, and found them online (and they’re on sale!)

For those in Canada click here to shop the pants at The Bay. For those in The States, I got you too boo, click here to shop them at Vince Camuto. You’re welcome my sisters, I do it for the culture.

I fell in love with these pants at Nordstrom the minute I saw them, but true to my petite body, they had to be altered even though the size was XS. Nordstrom stepped up like champs and for a minor fee, altered the pants to perfection! They fit great, look great and hey, I must have done something right with the styling because the wonderful people at Vince Camuto were impressed. Click here to check your girl out on their Instagram page.

Vanity aside, I believe in the power of wonderful tailoring. Just like a classic button-down white shirt, perfectly tailored pants and suits are a staple in any wardrobe. They are the items you can and should splurge on. Personally, most of my pants are bespoke (get you a good tailor darling!), however in the absence of a tailor, I strongly support spending the extra cash to get pants that fit right. As a girl who owns several pairs, I can tell you they are well worth the investment.

Pants: Vince Camuto
Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Coat & Top: Zara

Happy Monday! Serve up some slay. xx


Things I covet – The Tibi Dress


Tibi Floral Gothic Dress

So, I went to Nordstrom. After months of having the store literally next door to me in Toronto, I finally found the time to stroll in this weekend and take a look.

And. I. Loved it!

I fell in love with a colossal mannequin they had on display by the elevators (I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take a picture, so I just stared instead), I fell in love with the airiness and the lovely fitting rooms – didn’t much care for how dry it was in the store, static electricity is no fun when you’re changing clothes. I fell in love with a pair of pants from Vince Camuto, (bought them, styled them in a shoot, will wear them till they fall apart); but most importantly, I fell madly in love with this Tibi dress that clearly did not love me back. The dress fit like a dream – which is amazing considering all the issues I have shopping while petite; so imagine my pain when this Tibi dress did not get along with my bank account. At $495 USD ($655 CAD) I could not justify it to myself – I tried, honestly. So, I twirled many, many, MANY times in front of the mirror, hugged the dress, kissed it goodbye as I took it off, then handed it to the sales lady who watched all this with a wry amusement. I didn’t care, I love you Tibi dress and I am not ashamed of our love! But since this love is completely unrequited, I have made do with my VC pants, even though they were a size 0 and I STILL had to get them altered, but it’s okay. I’ll survive.