Here Comes Christmas!

I love Christmas. I do. I’m a December baby, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with my love for the most festive time of year. My birthday is exactly two weeks before Christmas, I know, you’d think I would get double presents but NOPE! All my loved ones are cheap so  I get the ONE present and I’m supposed to make do because “OMG you got a present two weeks ago!” So? I didn’t choose my awesome. Side eye at ALL. OF. YOU. >_>

Anywho, cheap people in my life notwithstanding, I still love December. The month gives me so much energy and life! So, in keeping with that, I thought why not do a Christmas themed shoot, that’s popping but not corny and regular. No trees, no tinsel, none of that Santa stuff cos I’m cooler than Santa (and way more stylish, thanks). I took a walk into H&M, spied the perfect outfits for my shoot, took a look at my girl Lala’s cheekbones and knew she was the perfect candidate. I reached out to her with the plan, she brought the dream team of Lano & Jevaughn together and this awesome foursome made some seasonal magic! Check it out.


Those boots though! Right? I know, I know. I’m so proud of me. Proud of my friends and the dream team at Reel Urban Entertainment for pulling this together and shout out to my girl Lala Dale for bringing that bawse attitude and diamond-cut cheekbones to the party!

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I already have a birthday shoot planned AND a Christmas party shoot planned because OMG Christmas! Are you excited yet? Well, get excited. IT’S DECEMBER!!!

Yeah, I’m excited.


On Jumpsuits

I’m grateful for a lot of things in my life – family, love, blonde hazelnut lattes, shoes with the perfect platform to heel ratio, jumpsuits…man, jumpsuits! The answer to every lazy fashion girl’s prayer. The fashion gods’ solution to days when you really need to look great, but don’t have the energy required to rummage through your wardrobe. I could go on and on about jumpsuits (and rompers but that’s a different post).

I don’t remember my life before jumpsuits because I never had a life outside of them. My earliest memory of my absolute favourite outfit to wear as a child was a polka dot jumpsuit. I wore the crap out of that thing. There was once a picture of me in it (it’s long lost now) I was at my uncle’s convocation ceremony in Nsukka, and from the look of pure contentment on my face, you could tell that my outfit was comfy. The look was very similar to this one:


Okay, there were no flailing hands – I was a very stoic child, but I know I was feeling that way! I could extol the virtues of one piece outfits all day, especially stylish ones, and you know what, I will. Here’s why jumpsuits are fantastic:

  1. You get to look great and you don’t have to match two separate items of clothing.
  2. Jumpsuits flatter every body type. They’re basically giant upside-down stirrups for your body and we all know stirrups aren’t picky, just helpful.
  3. Jumpsuits transition effortlessly through the season – Winter? Throw on a coat. Spring? Throw on a cardigan. Summer? Throw off everything (heck, underwear is optional). Fall? Throw on a cozy knit sweater (and a latte!) #winning
  4. Jumpsuits pair well with everything – flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, clogs, boots, mules, wedges, peep-toes, maryjanes, slingbacks, slip-ons, flip flops… you name it! (See what I did there? Thank you, I’m here all week!)
  5. As a petite woman, jumpsuits and rompers are Jesus’ answers to my #shortpeopleproblems tears. Can I get an amen from a fellow petite sis?

Disclaimer: The only time jumpsuits are annoying is when it’s time to pee – but come on, the trade off is worth it. It’s pure, effortless chic. Need I say more? Everything is just awesome in a jumpsuit (even the lego dude wore one!), so sign me up every time please. Bonus points if it has pockets.

Now that I’m done singing the praises, check me out in this jumpsuit from H&M, looking all ready to party and what not, highlighter popping, looking like I did the most, when I didn’t even do much.

Okay, I did the complete and utter most with those spring blossoms, lmao. But hey, I had a great time, and I regret nothing. Go forth this Monday and do the same!


PS: Yes, Aminaz shot these. Go follow her on Instagram (@loveoverlenses) and use her services before she becomes famous and you have to get on a waitlist. You’re welcome.


Style Recap

After a long hiatus, I am back home in Toronto. I’m so grateful for the adventures of the past two years, culminating in one final bungee jump of an adventure – I found my bestfriend and married the heck out of him; so yeah, it’s been great.

That said, I am jetlagged, I am sleepy and I’m several weeks late…with this post. Better late than never eh?

Outfit 1: Dress by ASOS

Outfit 2: Top by ASOS, Vintage thrifted pants, headwrap by me.

Outfit 3: Dress by H&M


I’ll be more regular. I promise. xx

My wardrobe is just rude – Day 3.

Hello again, if you’re just joining the party, welcome! I have a rude wardrobe, the details of which can be surmised here and here. I am on a mission to prove said wardrobe wrong.

So here we are, day three. It wasn’t looking good these past two days, but today I had a breakthrough! Check it out below:


Sandals by ALDO


Pants by Zara


Top by H&M (Super smug face sold separately)

HA! I do have a green item in my closet that is not an accessory, and I didn’t even wear one black thing in this entire outfit. In your face wardrobe! Victory will be mine.

Side Note: This is by far the most comfortable outfit in the series so far, bohemian chic is the absolute best. xx

An ode to my boyfriend jeans

Sometime ago, I acquired a habit of distressing my own denim. I got this pair of boyfriend jeans from Topshop, loved them. I wore them as they were for a bit then one random evening, I came at them with a pair of scissors and fell in love even more! They have followed me everywhere – New York, Toronto, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu; I love them and I never travel anywhere without them. Sometimes I dress them up, but more often than not, I layer them over boxer briefs (sans belt), throw on a casual tee or tank and voila! Instant chic.


Tank from H&M, Jeans from Topshop


Scarf from Mom’s wardrobe, Charm necklace made by me (also proud of that)


Caged sandals by Aldo, Watch by Fossil, Lipstick & Eyeliner by Kat Von D

This last one is candid, my photographer really does magic with the lens. Major shout out to him! Xx.

With a twist

With a twist

H M jumper sweater
$24 –

Cargo pants


Oversized cat eye sunglasses

Lip gloss



H M sleeveless shirt
$13 –

High heel shoes

Zara bag

Jeremy scott

The British Are Coming

The British Are Coming

Stripe blazer
$31 –

H&M slim leg pants
$23 –

Lace up booties

Lucky zipper bag

Twist jewelry

Hair bow accessory
$14 –



Knit top
$53 –

Yellow shoes
$39 –

Amrita singh jewelry

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day

Chiffon blouse

AX Paris nude pumps
$47 –

Meadowlark silver jewelry
$245 –

Beaded jewelry
$26 –

Gucci eyewear
$360 –