Things I covet – The Tibi Dress


Tibi Floral Gothic Dress

So, I went to Nordstrom. After months of having the store literally next door to me in Toronto, I finally found the time to stroll in this weekend and take a look.

And. I. Loved it!

I fell in love with a colossal mannequin they had on display by the elevators (I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take a picture, so I just stared instead), I fell in love with the airiness and the lovely fitting rooms – didn’t much care for how dry it was in the store, static electricity is no fun when you’re changing clothes. I fell in love with a pair of pants from Vince Camuto, (bought them, styled them in a shoot, will wear them till they fall apart); but most importantly, I fell madly in love with this Tibi dress that clearly did not love me back. The dress fit like a dream – which is amazing considering all the issues I have shopping while petite; so imagine my pain when this Tibi dress did not get along with my bank account. At $495 USD ($655 CAD) I could not justify it to myself – I tried, honestly. So, I twirled many, many, MANY times in front of the mirror, hugged the dress, kissed it goodbye as I took it off, then handed it to the sales lady who watched all this with a wry amusement. I didn’t care, I love you Tibi dress and I am not ashamed of our love! But since this love is completely unrequited, I have made do with my VC pants, even though they were a size 0 and I STILL had to get them altered, but it’s okay. I’ll survive.

On Borrowing Fashion

I love my fashion old. Whether I’m digging furiously through thrift store racks for the coolest finds, or watching an old movie on Turner Classic/Netflix, old fashion is my fashion of choice. There’s so much inspiration to be gleaned from all the decades past -except the 2000’s, let’s never do that again please? In any case, I have found that fashion is cyclical. Every 10 years – give or take, things come back into style. Fashion then becomes a tussle for (s)he who can predict accurately when these things come back in style, or can put together the outmoded stuff in a fresh new way with absolutely no fear (Iris Apfel is living breathing proof of this theory). In view of that, I have always borrowed fashion. As a teen I remember trying to copy my mom’s style when she was in university, she had a bunch of pictures I would dig through – so stylish and my, what a figure! I never quite nailed it because as a teenager you’re torn between wanting to fit in, and desperately needing to be your own person. I wish I could say I never tried to fit in, but that would be such a lie.

trying to fit in

Rare picture of me as a teenager

In any case, I’m grown now (cue Beyonce) and I can wear what the hell ever I damn well please, which means I can borrow all the fashion I want and not be scared to look foolish. Also, even if people do insist I look foolish, I can strike a pose and invoke the unbeatable power of osondi owendi. (Shout out to my Igbo people who got that reference!)

Moving along, my decade of choice right now is the ’80s. I have been overdosing on The Fresh Prince and A Different World, the latter of which inspired the look below.


Hat and glasses by Big it up | Top by Urban Planet 

Head to toe black, reflective glasses and fringe boots. The look was actually inspired by Lisa Bonet’s outfit in the piano scene of the opening sequence in Season 1 of a Different World. Glasses and hair are courtesy of Slash naturally, because he outcools everyone’s cool.


Necklace (thrifted) | Jeans by Old Navy | Boots by ASOS

I could wear this all day everyday. Thank you Lisa Bonet, you fabulous perennial beauty you! And Slash, keep rocking!

PS: Here’s a style recap from this week:



Dressed to Kill

It’s Friday! I threw together a chic ensemble for a super chic soiree I’m attending…in my head. I have zero plans of leaving my couch, but if I did leave, best believe I would be dressed to the nines! If you do plan to NOT be a couch potato like me, go forth in style my darling, and please by all means, SLAY.
Dressed to Kill


Travail à Jeudi

On Thursdays, I like to keep it neutral because hey, Friday is around the corner and we can go wild then. Right? Right. Monochrome outfit all the way to the shoes, toss in a splash of colour with the purse to keep things interesting.

Travail à Jeudi


Catholic School Punk

I created this outfit over a year ago, and fell in love with it. I just thought, what if I went to Catholic school and I had to wear the ideal casual chic uniform, what would I wear? Apparently this. I’d still rock it to be honest. All day.

Catholic School Punk



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Love’s androgyny

Love's androgyny

With a twist

With a twist

H M jumper sweater
$24 –

Cargo pants


Oversized cat eye sunglasses

Lip gloss

Casual Sunday

Casual Sunday

Logo t shirt
$38 –


River Island tapered pants
$47 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs studded handbag
$235 –

Vintage jewelry
$19 –

Acne black optical

Neff black hat

Vintage Lady

Vintage Lady