Motivation is a helluva depressant.

I haven’t been motivated to do any blogging recently. I have stayed fabulous and quirky, but I have not found the get-up-and-go required to pen down all my thoughts and the processes behind all the looks I put together. In my defense, I have no defense. I’m just going to be straight with it, I just didn’t want to. I didn’t see a point to it.

However, I read a nice little blurb today about something called a 2 year test. Close your eyes, set a timer for 2 minutes and imagine your life in 2 years if everything you dreamed, came true. Now in the few minutes you have, go into that fantasy guns blazing and explore it as much as you can – where would you go? Whom would you go with? What would you wear? What would you drive? What would you buy? What habits would you pick up? Which ones would you drop? How much would the overall quality of your life improve if all that you dreamed came to pass – exponentially or marginally?

Okay, 2 minutes are up. Your fantasy is over. Now reset the timer for another 2 minutes, and imagine what your life would be if you remained at status quo. If you kept doing exactly what you’re doing right now, without making any modifications to your lifestyle or pushing yourself any harder, what would your life look like in 2 years? I shuddered! THE HORROR. So, despite my exhaustion from a long day, I have written this blog post and will continue to write many more. If not for anything, for the fact that I need to completely mortify (or impress!) my future teenage kids and I intend to look fantastic doing it!


See you again soon. How does bi-weekly sound? Good. I like it too.


On why you should curate your wardrobe.

Let me start by saying that a carefully curated wardrobe is a LOT of hassle. It really is, especially in this age of fast fashion when nothing is made to last and it is an absolute pain to find wardrobe items that won’t be thrown out in a year. I mean you could, but you’d probably have to spend a ton of money and I am so not about that life. So yes, curating a wardrobe is a hassle. I would know because when I shop it is a carefully planned exercise. Sure, I have impulse buys now and then, however I make a point of ensuring that everything in my wardrobe, impulse or not, has a use. The trick is to make sure, they don’t have an expiry date i.e, they stay fashionable your whole life.

Before we get into this, let me be direct about my beliefs in fashion, I have three very strongly held and unassailable beliefs that govern my fashion religion:

  1. If I like it, I will buy it. I do NOT care what you feel.
  2. The idea of dressing your age is complete and utter bullshit.
  3. I wear what I want, whenever I want, to wherever I want.

I will never stop wearing crop tops. EVER.

Now, within my fashion religion, I also have one steadfast rule that governs my fashion purchases and this affects everything from shoes to bras:

  1. If I do not see myself wearing this item forever, I am not buying it.

I am going to be buried in these Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Notice that both rules are firmly entrenched in what believe? Exactly. My wardrobe is about me. Just like yours should be about you. When you shop, buy what you like, buy what you feel fabulous in, buy timeless pieces but also spend on a few trends because no one likes a boring wardrobe. The two important things to note when it comes to wardrobe curating:

  1. Always have a good pieces that pair well with everything.
  2. Never, EVER buy cheap shoes.

Your feet are the most important part of your body -assuming you’re not in a wheelchair, if you are, spend your money on great shirts/tops. Your arms will thank your for it; however, if you aren’t in a wheelchair, your feet ARE the most important part of your body and might I say, the most under-appreciated. They carry you everywhere and balance all your weight, even after you go to an all you can eat buffet? Come on. Put some respeck on les pieds and buy some well made shoes dammit!


Beautifully made shoes are life.

In any case, I was saying something? Ah yes, curate your wardrobe. You will spend way more time shopping than other people, and buy way less things. Also, shopping will become less fun because you will be more pragmatic when making purchases (BORING!), yes, but you will also have less buyer’s remorse (CHA-CHING!) Is this even worth it? Did I just read this long ass post for this girl to try to ruin shopping for me? Ze horror! Nah, it is totally worth it. Why? Because if everything you have is fantastic, you will always look fantastic without trying. Plus, if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where most of your wardrobe is stolen and most of your shoes destroyed by a really horrible petty little person (story for another day), you can still be stylish with what’s left behind. Trust me on this one, I have firsthand knowledge.

Whew! This was a long post. Ya made it! How are you doing? Drink some water. Here are some pictures of what I wore these past few weeks to take the edge off. These are in no particular order.

Happy Monday!

Ciao. xx



“Imma keep running ‘cos a winner don’t quit on themselves.”
– Beyoncé

Some days I go to bed feeling not very winner like, on bad days I wake up the next morning feeling even worse.
Last night was one of those sore nights, I was so sad I almost dragged Obinna down with me (he kept trying to pull me up though, bless his sweet heart for never quitting on me)
Contrary to most days, I woke up this morning determined to keep moving.
Like Bey said, a winner does not quit on themselves and I figure I am as winner as they come, so hey imma keep running.


Just handle it.

I woke up in a lousy mood today, actually that’s not true. I woke up in a great mood, until the realization that I had forgotten to do something very important yesterday dawned on me and effectively ruined my whole morning. I pouted about it until a few minutes ago when I was shaken out of my sulk by a very imposing , very tall person in this house. In his words:

“Just handle it. When something bad happens, there’s no need to dwell on it. Act. Handle it.”

He also said something along the lines of “Enough talking, start doing” when I insisted on listing all the reasons why I deserved to just sit here and pout (it’s a really cute pout, you should see it) and not put up a blog post. So, I stomped into the kitchen, made some ice coffee, liberally buttered some bread and wrote a blog post. I’m so glad he refused to listen. I’m also very glad he took these pictures.


Cropped top by Topshop | Print Skirt by Nia Oladokun Sandals by Aldo


Watch: Fossil (It’s a man’s watch. Their’s are so much cooler!)


Lipstick: MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva | Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita



It always ends in laughter because I can never keep a straight face for too long. xx

Dressed to Kill

It’s Friday! I threw together a chic ensemble for a super chic soiree I’m attending…in my head. I have zero plans of leaving my couch, but if I did leave, best believe I would be dressed to the nines! If you do plan to NOT be a couch potato like me, go forth in style my darling, and please by all means, SLAY.
Dressed to Kill


Travail à Jeudi

On Thursdays, I like to keep it neutral because hey, Friday is around the corner and we can go wild then. Right? Right. Monochrome outfit all the way to the shoes, toss in a splash of colour with the purse to keep things interesting.

Travail à Jeudi


Catholic School Punk

I created this outfit over a year ago, and fell in love with it. I just thought, what if I went to Catholic school and I had to wear the ideal casual chic uniform, what would I wear? Apparently this. I’d still rock it to be honest. All day.

Catholic School Punk



Fauna #ootd #style #fashion


Starting Over

Starting over is tedious. Everyday I open my laptop, stare at the blank screen and fight with the blank in my head. I know what I want to do – a million things; I have a plan – written down haphazardly; I know I should start – boy, do I ever! Yet, I draw a blank. Maybe I’m overwhelmed, maybe I’m still trying to find my bearings from having life as I knew it shattered a few months ago. I don’t know, but I’ll keep trying. Today, I wrote something and I’m proud of myself. Baby steps.


Dress by Urban Outfitters


Love’s androgyny

Love's androgyny