Colours, all of them!

I had a phase in my life where all I wore was black. It was my thing, colours were for the unfashionable and fashion goddess that I fully intended to be, I was definitely going to fit in at Conde Nast with all the black I wore. I started this black wearing in Enugu, took it through my life in Lagos, and brought it all the way to Canada where it further intensified. Then at some point last year (or was it the year prior?), I can’t quite remember, my world exploded with colours. I started listening to the nagging voice that pulled me towards colours – a voice I’d told to shut up and suck it up, many many times. I stopped telling it to shut up, started listening and it turns out I love colour! In utter disbelief I watched myself as I fell in love with pink, yellow, orange, lavender, peach, yellow and more yellow. I have so much yellow right now in my wardrobe it’s ridiculous! It’s also okay. Who I am becoming is okay. I neither want to nor do I need to fit in a mold anymore. I am allowing myself to discover and love who I truly am and it’s so beautiful to watch. I’ve never known so much peace.

I hope you find the strength to be you. You will be loved, I promise. ♥️

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