On Denim


I feel like there needs to be a song dedicated to the awesomeness of denim and whoever invented it – probably a black mother who was sick of doing the laundry (I seriously think so!) The song needs to be an R&B style song with so many runs, featuring Keith Sweat (whoooo can love you like denim, NOBOOOODY!) Jhene Aiko will do a cameo, Queen Latifah will rap, …guys, seriously, this needs to get done.

Before you tell me Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis invented denim, let me clarify – No they did not. They did invent jeans, a style of pants made with denim, but they did not invent denim. Denim comes from the term serge de nimes, meaning serge from nimes where the fabric originally comes from. Check out this article for some more knowledge, so you can boss your friends at trivia, you’re welcome.

That said, check your girl out in these pictures, serving face and sass, being all dope and what not. Yassss!

For real though, there really needs to be an ode to the inventor of denim. The fabric is so versatile, so eternally stylish and completely adaptable to any situation – like black women (hey soul sisters!) How many times have you wanted to look good effortlessly and did not reach for your favourite pair of jeans? How many times has said pair of jeans saved the day because you threw on a white tee shirt and called it a day? Man, I cannot tell you how much I love denim. I try to buy as many iterations of it as I can. Whenever I see something different made with denim, I’m drawn to it. Hence this fabulous jacket and pants ensemble. I knew I had to have them the minute I saw them and I get compliments (and some comments) every time I wear them. The compliments outnumber the backhanded comments though so heyyyyy! Your girl is winning still. So, what’s my point? My point is life is too short to wear boring jeans. Step your game up and come correct in these streets booboo! Thank me later.

Photo credit for these shots goes to Aminaz (@loveoverlenses) as always, her magic makes my magic twinkle uninhibited. Girl always got me looking like an album cover!


Happy Monday! Go forth and slay and if you can get away with wearing jeans to work, doooo ittttt!


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