On Loving Yourself

It’s MAY! Summer is around the corner, woohoo! Are you ready for the slay? Because I was born ready. Yusssss! LOL. I have no anecdotes or cute stories to tell about this outfit. The only thing I have to say is that it made me feel wonderful. You can tell too! Look at me revel in my cuteness. Juslookadit! Love it. Never mind the fact that it was way colder outside than we thought it would be on that day, so I was freezing half to death. Didn’t matter; I was adorable, I loved my outfit and those sneakers were all the sunshine I needed!

Sneakers, skirt & coat : Zara
Blouse: Sears

Images by the incomparable Aminaz K. Have you followed her on Instagram yet? Do it! @loveoverlenses

Happy Monday! Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine. xx

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