On Date Nights and Slip Dresses

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a good entrance, in a drop-dead outfit – Yes, I’m that girl. I mean, it makes sense that I’m that girl, I make an effort with what I wear, my payoff is the inevitable “oooh” when I walk into a room.

Noella-20 (1)

Fun fact: I don’t advocate lateness to any event, however, whenever I am late, 9 times out of 10, it’s because I couldn’t decide what to wear. Also, I make up for being late by looking extra wow because I strongly believe late and gorgeous is forgivable, but late and still didn’t even try? You can piss right off.

Disclaimer: If you have children (esp. toddlers), showing up at ANY time wearing ANYTHING is perfectly fine. Heck, phone it in. I’ll take it.

Moving on, let me tell you about this dress. I bought it from Zara and it came with a cropped t-shirt attached to it. I cut out the tee and now I have this dress that is easily one of my absolutely favourite pieces. My husband is a huge fan too (well, duh), and I won’t even lie, this dress moves and hangs better than some of the more expensive counterparts in my wardrobe. Just look at it, look at this beauty. The sequence below is me on an imaginary super swanky date night with le bae:

Noella-26 (1)

Step 1: Dramatic entrance because what’s the point of dressing up if you can’t be extra?


Step 2: Strike a pose for no reason because we’ve established I’m extra


Step 3: Pause for effect, Queen of Zamunda drawing on the regalness of all my ancestors


Step 4: Finally sit down, promptly resume being extra


Step 5: Yas baby, I’m this hot and you’re that lucky.


Step 6: So… we gon’ eat or nahhh?

Bae (After Step 2): “Nne biko me’enu ihe a osiso ka anyi rie nni”
Cue me dissolving into laughter and ruining the rest of the dramatic sequence. LMAO! I will attempt this regardless, let’s see how far I get into the sequence before either of us makes a joke. I digress though, moral of this post is invest in a slip dress. Put it on, throw on some heels and you can’t be told nothing. There’s just something about slip dresses, maybe it’s all the extra breeze, I don’t know, I can’t describe it, but trust me. Shhh, just trust me. Below are some links, go forth and prosper.

Dress 1: ASOS Ultimate Strappy Cami Mini Dress

Dress 2: H&M Slip dress

Dress 3: Miss Selfridge Cami Slip Maxi Dress

On Wonderful Tailoring

Update: The pants are sold out at Nordstrom (sad face!) BUT, I did some sleuthing for the ladies who asked, and found them online (and they’re on sale!)

For those in Canada click here to shop the pants at The Bay. For those in The States, I got you too boo, click here to shop them at Vince Camuto. You’re welcome my sisters, I do it for the culture.

I fell in love with these pants at Nordstrom the minute I saw them, but true to my petite body, they had to be altered even though the size was XS. Nordstrom stepped up like champs and for a minor fee, altered the pants to perfection! They fit great, look great and hey, I must have done something right with the styling because the wonderful people at Vince Camuto were impressed. Click here to check your girl out on their Instagram page.

Vanity aside, I believe in the power of wonderful tailoring. Just like a classic button-down white shirt, perfectly tailored pants and suits are a staple in any wardrobe. They are the items you can and should splurge on. Personally, most of my pants are bespoke (get you a good tailor darling!), however in the absence of a tailor, I strongly support spending the extra cash to get pants that fit right. As a girl who owns several pairs, I can tell you they are well worth the investment.

Pants: Vince Camuto
Sandals: Ralph Lauren
Coat & Top: Zara

Happy Monday! Serve up some slay. xx

On Loving Yourself

It’s MAY! Summer is around the corner, woohoo! Are you ready for the slay? Because I was born ready. Yusssss! LOL. I have no anecdotes or cute stories to tell about this outfit. The only thing I have to say is that it made me feel wonderful. You can tell too! Look at me revel in my cuteness. Juslookadit! Love it. Never mind the fact that it was way colder outside than we thought it would be on that day, so I was freezing half to death. Didn’t matter; I was adorable, I loved my outfit and those sneakers were all the sunshine I needed!

Sneakers, skirt & coat : Zara
Blouse: Sears

Images by the incomparable Aminaz K. Have you followed her on Instagram yet? Do it! @loveoverlenses

Happy Monday! Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine. xx