On Headwraps and Blue Jeans

As a proper Igbo girl, I’ve always had a thing for a perfectly executed headwrap. Whether it’s a simple turban or a complicated double-decker style worn by a full-bosomed Igbo woman, the headwrap or ichafu as we call it, has always been a huge part of Igbo tradition. Any event that calls for dressing up, would see an array of very colourful, very intricate (and sometimes very precarious) ichafu perched on every woman’s head.

Growing up in Nigeria, I remember watching every Sunday morning in complete awe as my mom twisted any particular ichafu she had selected to match her outfit, into a complicated crown in a matter of minutes. Said crown/headgear/piece of art would sit atop her head and not flinch all through mass! Bear in mind that Catholic mass in Nigeria runs anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours depending on the service, and there was usually a lot of very vigorous dancing. I concluded then that my mother was (and still is) a magician. You can’t tell me otherwise.

Now, we all know I love me some fashion – clothes and shoes are my Prozac, purses meh, don’t care for them. Thing is, as fabulously fashiony as I am, you can always cash me ousside in a comfy tee and a well worn pair of jeans. Why? Because life is complicated (read: I’m lazy) and jeans make life a little easier okay? (read: I’m REALLY lazy) When I say jeans, I mean proper jeans by the way, not jeggings because those are just impostors, but I digress. Put a pin in that jeggings comment though, because I feel a rant brewing in me for much later.

So, I love jeans, love tees, and love me some nice ichafu, so imagine if you will my complete joy when putting together this outfit which combines all three things. Check me out stylin’ and wildin’ below:


Jeans: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger


Headwrap: My mom’s (obvs)


Flatforms, Tee, Coat (Sold out): Zara (TRF)


Awkward laugh sold separately. Kidding! I know I’m cute. 

Half my wardrobe is from Zara, so unless otherwise stated, just assume it’s Zara. Why? Well, most of their stuff fits me wonderfully. Emphasis on most, because not everything is great but at least they’re trying. See my post on shopping while petite to understand why this REALLY matters to me. Thank you Zara! (No, this is not an ad, Zara doesn’t advertise. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, now, you know. You’re welcome!)

All that said, shoutout to Aminaz K, my awesome photographer for these amazing shots! This is a shameless plug because she’s great, I LOVE her work and she can have ALL my money. Follow her on Instagram (@loveoverlenses). Heck, since you’re there already, follow me too! (@thenoellae)

Happy Monday, Happy Easter! Go forth, prosper and be as colourful as all the chocolate eggs we will all be gnawing on all week.



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