Things I covet – The Tibi Dress


Tibi Floral Gothic Dress

So, I went to Nordstrom. After months of having the store literally next door to me in Toronto, I finally found the time to stroll in this weekend and take a look.

And. I. Loved it!

I fell in love with a colossal mannequin they had on display by the elevators (I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take a picture, so I just stared instead), I fell in love with the airiness and the lovely fitting rooms – didn’t much care for how dry it was in the store, static electricity is no fun when you’re changing clothes. I fell in love with a pair of pants from Vince Camuto, (bought them, styled them in a shoot, will wear them till they fall apart); but most importantly, I fell madly in love with this Tibi dress that clearly did not love me back. The dress fit like a dream – which is amazing considering all the issues I have shopping while petite; so imagine my pain when this Tibi dress did not get along with my bank account. At $495 USD ($655 CAD) I could not justify it to myself – I tried, honestly. So, I twirled many, many, MANY times in front of the mirror, hugged the dress, kissed it goodbye as I took it off, then handed it to the sales lady who watched all this with a wry amusement. I didn’t care, I love you Tibi dress and I am not ashamed of our love! But since this love is completely unrequited, I have made do with my VC pants, even though they were a size 0 and I STILL had to get them altered, but it’s okay. I’ll survive.

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