Unique Tunic

This is my new favourite tunic of all time (that’s right, ALL time). I love it because it was crafted from a little over 1.5 yards of fabric. My late aunt happened to have bequeathed my uncle (her brother) this great fabric, and after he’d made his own outfit, he had a tiny bit of the fabric left. I asked him nicely for it, and he so kindly obliged but he doubted I’d be able to make much out of it, I mean, 1 yard of fabric really. However! I put all his doubts to rest when this wicked little tunic came out of it.

Note: Click on images for a better view.


The tunic is lightweight, lightly lined, and I was the coolest chic on the block pairing it with these bomb platforms. I had whole too cool for school, wild african queen thing going (yasssss) Totally here for it.

Shoes: WithChic

Watch: Fossil

Perks of being petite: Made a tunic with such little fabric.

Shoutout to my very creative tailor @omacollins for making this magic happen. Check her out on Instagram, she doesn’t post much but man she’s good! Go forth and get you some awesome. xx

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