On Bespoke

Happy Monday! You know, today I was just musing on bespoke items and how I need more in my wardrobe. Shopping is all well and dandy but any style maven worth her salt will extoll – relentlessly I might add, the virtues of bespoke clothing. If like me, you have a hard time finding clothes that fit perfectly without needing a bit of a nip and tuck, bespoke is definitely for you. Now, it doesn’t have to be Savile Row (but hey, we can all dream!), it does have to be a good tailor who knows his/her onions. The pants in the outfit below are amazing for that fact alone, they were made especially for me.


Bespoke pants


Cropped sweater (thrifted)


Shoes by Michael Antonio

These are my power pants, I wear them on days my confidence is dipping but I need to make a fantastic impression. There’s nothing quite as confidence boosting as knowing that your butt looks all kinds of amazing. So much strut, so little time.

Side Note: Pair with killer heels, put Beyonce’s “6 Inch” on your iPod and play it all the way to that meeting. Go forth, conquer.

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