My wardrobe is just rude – Day 2

Yesterday, I had a chat with my wardrobe and the details of said chat spawned this week long experiment. If you haven’t already, take a look at the chat here (this post and subsequent ones will make more sense if you do).

So here we are, day two of proving my judgemental wardrobe wrong. I’m not gonna lie to you, my wardrobe seems to be winning this war. Check out the outfit below:


Jumpsuit Limited Edition &Now by H&M | Earrings (thrifted)


Penny loafers by Old Navy


Lipstick by KatVonD


Headwrap courtesy of my mother

The way I see it, I channelled the Chiquita banana lady, and since bananas are originally green when they sprout, I believe I have once again made a strong case for green as my favourite colour. I realized I’m wearing an all black jumpsuit, but those are irrelevant details. My earrings are green, my headwrap is green-ish (oh but I insist!) so this totally counts.

Sad Side Note: How is it possible that I’m losing a battle with my own wardrobe?

Happy Side Note: How cute are those penny loafers?

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