My wardrobe is just rude.

Today I had a little tete-a-tete with my wardrobe, and quite frankly I did not appreciate its honesty. You see usually, when people ask me what my favourite colour is, my response is immediate and predictable – green. Emerald or forest green I clarify for those who want to know. I love green, it reminds me of nature and picnics and rolling golf courses and Ireland, that wonderful fairtytale place I dream of visiting someday (don’t  you dare ruin this fantasy with facts!). Now, as I rummaged through my wardrobe for what to wear today, I noticed the overwhelming presence of black (look, I’m a fashion girl, black is what we do) and a conspicuous absence of green. I also felt my wardrobe judging me because only a few days ago, Obinna had asked my favourite colour and naturally I had quipped – green!

So, to prove my super judgey wardrobe wrong, I have embarked on a week long mission to incorporate green into every outfit I put together. I am convinced that I do too have green items, I simply don’t wear them as often. In keeping with my vehement denial of facts,

Side Note: All awkward poses are a result of what happens when I try to be a model. I regret nothing.

Below is my first outfit:


Shoes by Ralph Lauren


Lipstick by Kate for Rimmel London (sass sold separately)


Dress by ASOS

Granted the green is simply an accent colour on my shoes, however I purchased these shoes because of that accent colour. It counts! I insist.


5 thoughts on “My wardrobe is just rude.

  1. haha sometimes my wardrobe is too honest with me too 😉 but i love how you add a tiny pop of green here – much more effective than only wearing green! sometimes the tiniest details make the biggest impact – and what better canvas than black and white? ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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