On Bespoke

Happy Monday! You know, today I was just musing on bespoke items and how I need more in my wardrobe. Shopping is all well and dandy but any style maven worth her salt will extoll – relentlessly I might add, the virtues of bespoke clothing. If like me, you have a hard time finding clothes that fit perfectly without needing a bit of a nip and tuck, bespoke is definitely for you. Now, it doesn’t have to be Savile Row (but hey, we can all dream!), it does have to be a good tailor who knows his/her onions. The pants in the outfit below are amazing for that fact alone, they were made especially for me.


Bespoke pants


Cropped sweater (thrifted)


Shoes by Michael Antonio

These are my power pants, I wear them on days my confidence is dipping but I need to make a fantastic impression. There’s nothing quite as confidence boosting as knowing that your butt looks all kinds of amazing. So much strut, so little time.

Side Note: Pair with killer heels, put Beyonce’s “6 Inch” on your iPod and play it all the way to that meeting. Go forth, conquer.

Moving along.

I had a battle with my wardrobe for the past three days, trying desperately to prove to it that despite the overwhelming presence of black in my closet, green is actually my favourite colour. I lost that battle on the second day but like the stubborn human I am, I persisted. I have graciously given up now (read: I got bored with wearing green and moved along to other things, like this adorable butter yellow midi tank dress below!


Shoes by Micheal Antonio


Dress by Zara


All the happiness and grinning is courtesy of the fact that I just rediscovered this dress. It had been buried in my closet for so long, I’d forgotten it existed, and the best part is it fits even better than it did when I bought it. Oh, happy day! *twirls*

Side Note: I got bored with my old theme as well and upgraded. I like this one much better.


“Imma keep running ‘cos a winner don’t quit on themselves.”
– Beyoncé

Some days I go to bed feeling not very winner like, on bad days I wake up the next morning feeling even worse.
Last night was one of those sore nights, I was so sad I almost dragged Obinna down with me (he kept trying to pull me up though, bless his sweet heart for never quitting on me)
Contrary to most days, I woke up this morning determined to keep moving.
Like Bey said, a winner does not quit on themselves and I figure I am as winner as they come, so hey imma keep running.


My wardrobe is just rude – Day 3.

Hello again, if you’re just joining the party, welcome! I have a rude wardrobe, the details of which can be surmised here and here. I am on a mission to prove said wardrobe wrong.

So here we are, day three. It wasn’t looking good these past two days, but today I had a breakthrough! Check it out below:


Sandals by ALDO


Pants by Zara


Top by H&M (Super smug face sold separately)

HA! I do have a green item in my closet that is not an accessory, and I didn’t even wear one black thing in this entire outfit. In your face wardrobe! Victory will be mine.

Side Note: This is by far the most comfortable outfit in the series so far, bohemian chic is the absolute best. xx

My wardrobe is just rude – Day 2

Yesterday, I had a chat with my wardrobe and the details of said chat spawned this week long experiment. If you haven’t already, take a look at the chat here (this post and subsequent ones will make more sense if you do).

So here we are, day two of proving my judgemental wardrobe wrong. I’m not gonna lie to you, my wardrobe seems to be winning this war. Check out the outfit below:


Jumpsuit Limited Edition &Now by H&M | Earrings (thrifted)


Penny loafers by Old Navy


Lipstick by KatVonD


Headwrap courtesy of my mother

The way I see it, I channelled the Chiquita banana lady, and since bananas are originally green when they sprout, I believe I have once again made a strong case for green as my favourite colour. I realized I’m wearing an all black jumpsuit, but those are irrelevant details. My earrings are green, my headwrap is green-ish (oh but I insist!) so this totally counts.

Sad Side Note: How is it possible that I’m losing a battle with my own wardrobe?

Happy Side Note: How cute are those penny loafers?

My wardrobe is just rude.

Today I had a little tete-a-tete with my wardrobe, and quite frankly I did not appreciate its honesty. You see usually, when people ask me what my favourite colour is, my response is immediate and predictable – green. Emerald or forest green I clarify for those who want to know. I love green, it reminds me of nature and picnics and rolling golf courses and Ireland, that wonderful fairtytale place I dream of visiting someday (don’t  you dare ruin this fantasy with facts!). Now, as I rummaged through my wardrobe for what to wear today, I noticed the overwhelming presence of black (look, I’m a fashion girl, black is what we do) and a conspicuous absence of green. I also felt my wardrobe judging me because only a few days ago, Obinna had asked my favourite colour and naturally I had quipped – green!

So, to prove my super judgey wardrobe wrong, I have embarked on a week long mission to incorporate green into every outfit I put together. I am convinced that I do too have green items, I simply don’t wear them as often. In keeping with my vehement denial of facts,

Side Note: All awkward poses are a result of what happens when I try to be a model. I regret nothing.

Below is my first outfit:


Shoes by Ralph Lauren


Lipstick by Kate for Rimmel London (sass sold separately)


Dress by ASOS

Granted the green is simply an accent colour on my shoes, however I purchased these shoes because of that accent colour. It counts! I insist.


An ode to my boyfriend jeans

Sometime ago, I acquired a habit of distressing my own denim. I got this pair of boyfriend jeans from Topshop, loved them. I wore them as they were for a bit then one random evening, I came at them with a pair of scissors and fell in love even more! They have followed me everywhere – New York, Toronto, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu; I love them and I never travel anywhere without them. Sometimes I dress them up, but more often than not, I layer them over boxer briefs (sans belt), throw on a casual tee or tank and voila! Instant chic.


Tank from H&M, Jeans from Topshop


Scarf from Mom’s wardrobe, Charm necklace made by me (also proud of that)


Caged sandals by Aldo, Watch by Fossil, Lipstick & Eyeliner by Kat Von D

This last one is candid, my photographer really does magic with the lens. Major shout out to him! Xx.